PlayDoh Creation

The assignment  was to create something that was a part of us. I brainstormed by thinking of things that i enjoyed doing on a daily. I picked a volleyball net because volleyball is something that I love doing. I used to play volleyball all the time. It is something that will always be apart of me. it can relate to the writing process because we had to think of something to make and then write something about it and with what we are doing we have to read an article and write a summary about it. This  goes along with it because we had to summaries why we picked what we picked. Some of the other things that other made was a cookie and trophy. The assignment was to think of something that was a part of us and make it out of play-doh. I picked the volleyball net because when I was younger I would always love watching someone pass the ball and now that I play i enjoy doing it more and more. Volleyball is something that I do when I have free time and it is nice out, I also play when i go to the beach and or other places that i am able to play. It can relate to the writing process because it is helping us write about something that we are passionate about. Volleyball will be something that I will always be passionate about. It helps with the writing assignment that we are doing because it helps us write about something.

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