Superbowl Commercials

The purpose of this message is for people to go watch the voice and get into the voice. Its for people to know when and what time the voice is on. This video is kinda effective because it kinda shows you what the voice is and its a fun video to watch, If people like it then they might go and watch the voice. This shows one side because they all are with everyone going and watching the Voice. I didn’t really like this one that much.

The purpose of this message is for people to buy Tide. They are showing how even when people are doing work that gets clothes dirty Tide will get out any stains and keep your clothes clean. It is effective the people in the commercial have clean clothes and if viewers think that it works then they will go out and buy it. I think that there was only one stance because it didn’t show how people didn’t use tide. This one was one of my favorite commercials.

The message of this is to tell people that are retiring to get E-trade so that they wont have to be working when they are getting older. It wasn’t really good at getting the audiences attention i think because it just said the same things over and over. Its kinda effective because if someone is in that situation they could sign up for E-trade and then they would be okay and wouldn’t have to work. This ones one of my least favorite commercials.



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