Late term abortion

What is your social issue?

My social issue is late term abortions and weather it should be allowed or not pasted 24 weeks.

Why is it such a social issue?  What do people disagree about in relation to this topic?

It is such a social issue because many hospitals don’t allow abortions past 24 weeks. Its also an issue because if someone has an abortion many factors go into having one and if hospitals don’t allow it then that could cause harm to  the mother.

What is your proposed solution?  Why do you think this is the best solution?

My proposed solution is to let mothers get an abortion at any hospital if there health is at risk. I think this is the best solution because if the mother has the baby and something goes wrong with her many people could be blamed.

What are pros to your solution?

Pros to my solution are mothers not getting health issues and less hospitals getting blamed for the harm that it may cause to the mother.

What are cons to your solution?

Cons to my solution is if they aren’t allowed to have an abortion then that’s more children in foster care and more children without homes.

Any questions to your audience members for help on your topic? (Need to post at least 2 questions)

What are more pros?

What are more cons?

Superbowl Commercials

The purpose of this message is for people to go watch the voice and get into the voice. Its for people to know when and what time the voice is on. This video is kinda effective because it kinda shows you what the voice is and its a fun video to watch, If people like it then they might go and watch the voice. This shows one side because they all are with everyone going and watching the Voice. I didn’t really like this one that much.

The purpose of this message is for people to buy Tide. They are showing how even when people are doing work that gets clothes dirty Tide will get out any stains and keep your clothes clean. It is effective the people in the commercial have clean clothes and if viewers think that it works then they will go out and buy it. I think that there was only one stance because it didn’t show how people didn’t use tide. This one was one of my favorite commercials.

The message of this is to tell people that are retiring to get E-trade so that they wont have to be working when they are getting older. It wasn’t really good at getting the audiences attention i think because it just said the same things over and over. Its kinda effective because if someone is in that situation they could sign up for E-trade and then they would be okay and wouldn’t have to work. This ones one of my least favorite commercials.



PlayDoh Creation

The assignment  was to create something that was a part of us. I brainstormed by thinking of things that i enjoyed doing on a daily. I picked a volleyball net because volleyball is something that I love doing. I used to play volleyball all the time. It is something that will always be apart of me. it can relate to the writing process because we had to think of something to make and then write something about it and with what we are doing we have to read an article and write a summary about it. This  goes along with it because we had to summaries why we picked what we picked. Some of the other things that other made was a cookie and trophy. The assignment was to think of something that was a part of us and make it out of play-doh. I picked the volleyball net because when I was younger I would always love watching someone pass the ball and now that I play i enjoy doing it more and more. Volleyball is something that I do when I have free time and it is nice out, I also play when i go to the beach and or other places that i am able to play. It can relate to the writing process because it is helping us write about something that we are passionate about. Volleyball will be something that I will always be passionate about. It helps with the writing assignment that we are doing because it helps us write about something.

Social Issues In The United States

In the website I chose to do gay marriage. Within the whole United States  67% of people said yes, while 33% of people said no. Out of the 67% of people they said take the government out and make it a religious choice. The 33% of people said no, they should not let gay marriage happen because marriage should be between men and women. The majority of people in the United States say that its okay to have a gay marriage. In Chicago 78% of people said yes 22% of people said no. This shows that the majority of people say its okay for gay marriage. It shouldn’t matter to others who you marry. In all the states the yes are more than the no’s by a lot. Most people say its okay for you to have a gay marriage. Decimates believe that it is right. Half the population say that gay marriage is right. Churches should have the right to refuse a gay wedding. Everyone in the United States should say its okay to have a gay marriage because what others are doing is none of there business. You should be allowed to marry anyone you would like weather its man and man or women and women. You should have the right.